Gourmet, Music, LOVE

The 8th Tojinbo Maranic

Gourmet, Music, LOVEThe 8th Tojinbo Maranic

May 25 (Saturday) 2019

May 25 (Saturday) 2019
103km Early Start AM4:30 START
103km AM5:00 START
52km AM9:00 START
Application Period
December 1 (Saturday) 2018 AM0:00 -
February 14 (Thursday) 2019first come first served basis

The 8th Tojinbo Maranic Advance Billing

What is maranic?

Maranic is the mixed word with marathon and picnic.
We don’t shut out cars from the road, so runners run the sidewalk.
We serve the local food and drink at 20 water supply points.
Runners run and walk ,and enjoy food and communication with local people.

Tojinbo maranic with love is full of love!!

When runners start ,they say "I love you" and when they goal they get the heart shaped medals and they ring the bell and cry "I love you all" against the sea.

Where is Tojinbo?

Fukui is located next to Kanazawa and Kyoto, so you can enjoy sightseeing after the maranic.
Fukui has the hotsprings named Awara onsen. You can have the Japanese style food and enjoy the Japanese style bath room.
Please enjoy running the historical road with the great nature and love story of young men and a lady.

Tojinbo,Heisenji Hakusan Shrine,Maruoka Castle

Past Race

Echizen-Kaga Organization for Promoting Inbound Tourism

There is an access map to Tojinbo Nearby.